Saturday, March 29, 2008

BBC Category Error: Broadcasting Babbling Confusion

Sometimes, quite often even, I wonder whether today's journalists have the intellectual tools to report fairly, logically or even factually. This is the BBC no less reporting on "Speaker Michael Martin's ... improvements".

Now clearly there are issues with MPs expenses, including some related to Mr Martin personally.

But there is a huge difference between repairs and refurbishments and indeed furnishings for a "tied cottage" grace and favour address which will, generally speaking remain in situ for whoever next serves, and items from the John Lewis List which immediately belong to the MP purchasing them, may add to the value of the freehold or leasehold for their address, and can later be sold on separately or in situ by them.

The speaker, whether Mr Martin or someone else before or after, cannot sell their grace and favour home or its furnishings on. Now can they?

The British Broadcasting Corporation is guilty of the sort of category error that is all too common in today's media.

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