Saturday, March 29, 2008

Farmer Dale: Some Blogs Are More Unequal Than Others

Speaking of babbling confusion we have Iain Dale mocking Wendy Alexander for giving herself a perfect 10. Iain's clearly opening the door to some unpleasant misogynist, body fascist banter, though more moderate than GuF would orchestrate. But he ends with a strangely inappropriate quote from George Orwell's Animal Farm.

In which work the incumbent "farmer class" are usurped by the insurgent "animal class" whose leaders then sadly go on to become decadent, wear clothes, smoke cheroots, and walk on two legs. Treating and partying with their former oppressors. Which is not a bad comparator to the snout-wise Scottish Nats, as LOL suggested seven months ago, but seems pretty dismal in relation to Wee Wendy. What is Farmer Dale on abaht? And why does he set up these opportunities for sock puppets and gutter snipe rascals? Salmond passes the Mars Bar Pakoras.


Iain Dale said...

Are you seriously suggesting that Alexander awarding herself 10 out 10 wasn't worth taking the piss about?

Chris Paul said...

No. I didn't say that. Although to be "fair" she did say she had improved to a ten now rather than deserving a ten all along. Every day in every way she is getting better. In her very humble opinion.

But the Animal Farm quote doesn't work. That's the point.