Monday, March 31, 2008

Chorlton Manchester: Citizen Mugs Polite Hoody Bikers

At knifepoint! Three 15-year-olds were having some careful off road fun with a mini moto yesterday on the disused railway tracks which wind along the edge of Chorlton Park ward. Stopping to allow dog walkers, cyclists and pedestrians past. Being courteous. And carrying the bike towards home when they were done.

Cue vigilante. Scruffy, 50-ish, long-hair, bald-patched. Taking photos of them on mobile. Saying they were disturbing his imaginery dog. Saying he'd call the police. Then sadly the psycho snapped and changed his mind. Pulling knife on these not so feral children.

Mugs them for the bike. Takes key. Throws it in dense bushes. Hands now useless toy back to still not so feral, still polite children.

All witnessed by a not so feral grown up (and lawyer) who spoke up for the children and would like to see the knife wielding old curmudgeon have the book thrown at him for threatening behaviour, theft, breach of the peace, mugging, carrying an offensive weapon and anything else that will keep him off the streets and modify his behaviour.

Do you know this person? Identification tips welcome. This is a police matter. This have-a-go-zero is armed with a scarey pen knife and a bad attitude and could be a danger to himself and others. Call the police on 0161 872 5050 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. Or email your iD to your blogger and I'll do it.


Chris Paul said...

No, sorry anonymous tipster, I don't think this man is Cllr Norman "shameless" Lewis, his girlf and candidate "mad" Bernie Ryan, or Cllr Tony "who the F...?" Bethell. Good try. It is on their neglected patch. That much is true.

Chris Paul said...

No, anon tipster two. They were not the three polite children.

And no, anon tipster three I have no idea whether Ryan has had anger management therapy.

Put your anon comments on the blog if they're remotely amusing and of this non-serious nature.

Anonymous said...

was this post an early April Fool?

Chris Paul said...

Nope, it is real. LOL don't go in for April Fools as she can see from the serious stories all day in 2007.

It's real. Some vigilante citizen nicked something off some kids at knife point. And he's still at large.