Monday, March 31, 2008

Green-Lib Dem Squabble Redux: Vote Ken, Vote Sheila

Among comments on this post about the handbags between London Greens and Yellows was one from Alix Mortimer:

Chris, if you go back to the LDV post, you'll see that I've answered your point about responding to Berry's criticisms. I did this on my blog several days ago - link is provided.
I'd appreciate it if you'd go and take a look - I'm quite happy to engage on the issues. I gather that at least I can rely on you not to just mindlessly repeat "Brian is just like Boris. So ner" ninety-seven times which seems to be the strategy of the Greens at the moment.

There is a goodly exchange of views back at LDV, linked from my post, and Alix has valiantly attempted a rebutal of the Greenfly attack. But LDV didn't. To paraphrase Alix their "argument" is:

"Ken is just a judicial murder supporting, homophobe supporting commie. So ner"

Which brings a smile to my face given Alix's point that that isn't really a good form of argument!

It remains a mystery me why LDV itself and a good few commenters appear to prefer giving second preferences to Boris rather than Ken.

And why on earth Greens in my ward are expected to give their votes to a Lib Dem candidate in a wretched Lib Dem group which is on the slide rather than to a sitting Labour councillor who has an excellent personal record on Green issues, an excellent personal record in general, and is part of a group that is committed to making a successful and vibrant Manchester the greenest it can be.

P&P: Me, here, on behalf of Labour

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