Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Closer to Home: Tory Boy Bloggers Wrong Wrong Wrong

Closer to home the Tories are also full of it. For goodness sake Cllr Iain Lindley! There is no need to follow that buffoon Cameron even where he is clearly mistaken. The record shows that the Rt Hon man Ed Balls said “So weak!” which is one of his stock phrases actually. It is scandalous that Lindley is believing partisan spin over Hansard, the mother of all journals of record.

Councillor Lindley also seems to believe all the guff about Cem's musical tastes scam and shows disdain for a Guardian G2 article by John Harris on the very subject. This mentions one of my outdoor concert confections by name and with much fondness. A story for another day perhaps.


Quiet_Man said...

It's all about appearances, Ed Ball's is now the man who said "So what" to accusations of high taxation.

Live with it and move on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris - how are the job interviews going? Anything on the horizon yet? Keep looking.


Your reader

Chris Paul said...

Ho ho ho anonymous. Blogging drunk again?

Ed Balls did not say "so what?" according to the record. So he didn't say it. Although this was allegedly uttered live on TV and Radio there is no record of the utterance. Which is rather strange.

If he had said "so what?" rather than "so weak!" this blog for one would have embraced it and explained to Tory thickies how Cam talks crap at every turn.

He probably thinks that the fact that School of Rock took one hundred times as much at the box office as Gone With the Wind that makes it a more popular film also?