Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guido Fawkes's GuF: Still More Schoolboy Errors

Mr Dale isn't the only one who can't manage maths. Hedgie Paul Staines aka swear blogger Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF commits schoolboy errors in an "analysis" of MPs' expenses claims.

God he's an incompetent and illogical idiot. More deprivation, more casework. More and better staff, more stationery and post costs, more telephone calls. More distance from centre, more Labour constituencies, more travel costs. And so on.


Anonymous said...

He does get comments though, doesn't he;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Hello, hello! Is there anyone there? I googled "stupidist bloggist hoaxerist" and I was dumped into this site. Must have pressed the wrong button.

Chris Paul said...

LJ - yes GuF gets "comments" - mostly utter crapulence, but yes. But that wasn't the case after a year. review the Fawkes ouvre and you will find plenty of posts with no comments.

Anonymous - you need to sober up mate. Carry this on and the old IP detectives will come out and expose which drunken Lib Dem or Tory apologist is blogging after the bars shut.

Anonymous said...

I bet Socialist Unity gets more comments than Guido.

Anonymous said...

And would you like to point out those "schoolboy errors" as part of your analysis?

Gordon BrownStuff

Chris Paul said...

The schoolboy errors are indicated in the post. On average Labour, Lib Dem, SNP etc seats are farther from the centre than Tory seats hence travel costs for MPs and staff will on average be greater. Guido has admitted this idiocy by excusing the SNP - but not Labour. Idiot!

Casework varies from constituency to constituency but there are patterns and high volumes are related to deprivation, joblessness, poverty, race nationality and immigration, post-industrial jobs and training.

For some inexplicable reason these issues and other high maintenance ones tend to be concentrated in constituencies that will not elect Tories if they can help it.

Cost of covering casework properly is related to volume and complexity.

Tory staff may be worse paid (family excepted) and there are I think proportionally more volunteers and unpaid interns.

Guido is a delusional, disingenuous, dishonest Gufster whose crapulence is plain to see.