Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dizzy Thinks: Ex-Tory Ex-Councillor is Lefty

Yes, that's right. Anything wrong in the world of politics is by definition leftist, according to Dizzy Thinks. Certainly making a monkey of Croydonian who provided an endorsement claiming hilariously that Phil Hendren thinks before he blogs. As if!

Still, he does get a visit from the ex-Tory ex-Councillor "lefty" himself. His finger slipped and he posted before he had polished his turgid sermon:

The article went up erroneously before being completed, and that (like the rest of the material that (Ed's insert) went up) was a quote I had taken from elsewhere -- actually last September -- and was trying to find the original source when I was interrupted (pushy 'cold caller' at the door!).
I had to dash out after he'd held me up, so I never finished the job.
Actually, I have since found the link (in Google Blogs) though the page itself has been taken down -- just as I did with mine for that matter, once I realised what had happened.
Anyway, the point was to show that this kind of extreme thinking was already out there, and we need as a nation to 'brainstorm' a better solution before the economic crunch forces Gordon B into one his typical dithers followed by panic draconian measures.
As always, where possible I prefer 'carrots' to 'sticks'.
Of course, the hatchet men of the media [Ed: Lefties like the Mail] weren't interested in that, as they had their own agenda...
Anyway, for good, pragmatic reasons, I have now resigned, and (as I have blogged HERE) it is a weight off my mind.

Just like Enoch Powell, John M Ward was quoting from elsewhere when he made his headline grabbing contribution.

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