Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lib Dem "Green" Propaganda: Latest Waste Paper

Oh dear. A second piece of Lib Dem propaganda through the door in 12 hours and the fourth in five days or so. Is there an election coming up soon or something?

Hilariously given this flood of wasted paper and wasted ink and wasted fibs this last leaflet is on green paper and partly in green ink and, laying things on a bit thick this, claims green credentials too in case we missed the point.

Perhaps I'll have the time later to come back to this heaving pile of dubiosity. Just one word for now: LIVERPOOL.

FOOTNOTE: This thing arrived with the post. Have the Lib Dems actually paid for today's delivery?


Anonymous said...

Interesting - As I read it we are on for election expenses as from today.

It follows that the account for any mass postal distribution should be included in election returns.

It might be worth your while checking wether any other Wards have received a similar distribution and warning thier agent that you have sent copies to the electoral commission for reference in the audit of the election accounts.

It does suggest that Manchester Liberal Democraps have more money than honesty


Chris Paul said...

I'm not certain this was Postie delivered at this stage though it appeared to me that my dogs only greeted one letterbox intrusion and not two as you'd expect if this was separately delivered. It is not addressed mail. Just an A3 folded to A4. About green issues but with no representations about the paper, ink, recycleability of printer parts.

Is the postie a Lib Dem? Did they pay the Post Office to deliver these?

Anonymous said...

There is the other possibility of paying people cash in hand to do it. Or beer in hand. They often do that.

Chris Paul said...

This thing has not been delivered across the ward before the clock started - apparently at 5pm today - but I'm disappointed that I've not heard from them now for well over 12 hours, in fact 16 and counting ...

But, their candidate is no Chorltonian ... and they doesn't seem to understand the difference between being paid to run errands for an MP and actually doing something on your own account.

Chris Paul said...

They doesn't ... sorry ... they don't.