Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chorlton Libdemologists: False Claims on Greenery

Hopi Sen catches Dave Cameron's conservatives at a Warm Front con in which Cam claims credit for good Labour work.

Spotting something coming and taking credit by calling for it is not exactly a new tactic. But today the hilariously un-Green local Lib Dems stuck a small rain forest of paper and an oil well of ink through the door with one of the most clumsy attempts to take credit where credit isn't due I've ever seen.

"Lianne wins Plastic and Cardboard recycling" screams the headline. The small prints claims the Council had no plans in this area and no budget. In fact such matters have been under discussion for years.

Clearly anyone with half a brain would admit that dealing with recycling in urban areas of great multiple deprivation where dealing with poverty has been a day-to-day priority for many residents is harder than in a leafy borough. But instead of comparing Manchester with the comparable but hilariously bad Lib Dem "10 years misrule show case" of Liverpool the dissembling Lib Dems avert their eyes from that disaster.

Then Lianne slams a £200,000 city-wide consultation exercise to determine where the demand lies for these card board and plastic recycling services and how the people would prefer them to be delivered.

Yes, that's right. Labour haven't had plans for this for years, but have planned and carried out a consultation on detailed implementation, but then again have only thought of this since Lianne starting coming in from Didsbury for photo opportunities.

On the reverse of the leaflet Lianne claims credit for 31 pieces of "hard work". Every single one of them appears to have been actually achieved or is being achieved by others.

It may be that some have involved a letter at some point - usually after the fact - from the Hospital Hoax MP. Or that Lianne has sat silent in a meeting as the MP's representative while something or other has been agreed.

Even perhaps a letter with Lianne's parliamentary email address as a contact. Yes, that's right Leech has given this fibber wages - from taxpayers and/or council tax payers - and access to parliamentary facilities to support her false claims of action.

But responsible for these things? No way. Responsible only for a veritable mountain of paper making false claims and professing to be "green".

This leaflet comes on top of the Lib Dem hissy fit that Labour have organised a market in Chorlton - as part of a long standing city-wide programme - without waiting for them to sign off on it!

Just to underline the Lib Dems un-Green credentials they posted double helpings of their double sided A3 leaflet, plus two sheets of A4, and a window envelope through our door in one drop. Meanwhile in a highly innovative move Labour locally are giving residents the option to opt out of any and all paper communications in future.

JOHN LEECH PRINT SERVICES MYSTERY: We are still waiting for an answer on the conundrum of professional printing of high level of technical difficulty allegedly emanating from a back room at a parliamentary office.


Anonymous said...

How does this Lianne pronounce her name by the way?

Chris Paul said...

Sorry, don't know anon. It must either by lee-ann or lie-ann I suppose and to be honest I don't know which she goes by.

According to it is an affected variant of Liane which in turn is a short form of √ČLIANE or Juliane which is the fem version of Julian.

So it's a messed with version of an already messed with version of a name.

All this does point to Lee-Ann as the proununciation but I've heard plenty of people struggle and say Lie-Ann instead.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I care what the fibber is called actually. I just hope she is roundly beaten. Her claims are ridiculous and on the doorstep she is completely under whelming, a bit creepy in fact.

Green voter said...

"Bit creepy" is a hell of an understatement. She's bloody useless I'd say. Just a dim kid. Her attempts to win green voters over are pathetic.

Chorltonian said...

I'm not interested in local party political squabbling but I did find the latest Lib Dem leaflet amusing. Having had one through my door several weeks ago from Labour proclaiming this breakthrough and then discussing it the next day with a Labour canvasser I did find it a bit rich to hear the Lib Dems claiming victory. Also the map was very confusing. Do the Lib Dems really think Chorlton people dont know where our street are?

Chris Paul said...

Thanks all. The problem with the map surely is the spiders' web of deceit they weave all over it?

The tax figures in the accompanying letter were just (im)pure fibs.