Sunday, April 27, 2008

Iain Dale's Diary: The Trials of Being Harriet Harman

At least Iain Dale is consistent in some things. As the only person in the whole world who even affected to believe Grant Shapps' cock and bull story about his password being "1234" he has stuck to this ridiculous story. Readers will remember how Grant Shapps' account was apparently used for much sloppy sock puppetry in the cause of Tony Lit's campaign to be David Cameron's Conservative in the Ealing and Southall by-election.

Iain's touching belief in "IT Security Expert" Shapps' ridiculous lies surfaces as he jeers at Harriet Harman having less than bomb proof passwords on her blog.

But then again neither does she affect to be a blogging expert and nor are the hilarious hacks her sites experienced in the Labour cause.

Shapps' hacks and personations and uploads to his YouTube page were all clearly intended to support his own party. And Iain was the only one who believed the line about the 1234.

To add insult to injury Iain reverts and uses a News of the World paid-for sex story to smear both Harman and a LabourTory peer. Then he affects to support the "who cares?" attitude of sex kittens George Galloway and Edwina Currie.

With George's new found liberalism contrasting with his party's earlier positions on the sex industry with spurious allegations against local councillors as discussed here.

UPDATE: Thanks to Iain Dale for correction on the politics of the bed leaping Lord. No apology though Iain. The man's politics are irrelevant to your unedifying smear/jeer combination. And have no bearing on your laughable repetition of the claim that Grant Shapps EVER had a password "1234".

You apologise for misleading your readers on that. Shapps and his team were caught with their hands on the sock puppet keyboards and you know it.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Oh dear! Poor Harriet. Stupid defence. Can you suck up Labour backside any further?

Chris Paul said...

Anon 12:16: do get a life. Grant Shapps is supposedly an IT security expert. Harriet Harman is not. Shapps DID NOT get hacked but lied and said he had been. Harman has been hacked.

Dale is wrong to remind us of Shapps' infamy and a hypocrite on the gutter press sex smears thing.

Answer those points you muppet.

Iain Dale said...

You really are an absolute muppet. Lord Laidlaw is a Tory Peer. Now, be a good boy and withdraw and apologise.

Chris Paul said...

I have changed the peerage error Iain. Thanks for the heads up.

However it is you who should be apologising for perpetuating the ridiculous excuses for Shapps' dirty Tory tricks and for the unedifying smear and jeer combo on the Lordly sex. His politics are irrelevant to my charges against you.

9% swing to the Tories said...

I think most people would agree with Ian that you are a muppet.

Chris Paul said...

Most people, most people. Ho 9%. Most people think Dale is an absolute muppet on whom I should not waste my valuable time.

Grant Shapps has never had the password 1234 in his life. The story was never believable. Dale is either a fool or the ultimate propagandist for repeating this cod without question.

But mea culpa on the bonking Tory Lord.

Anonymous Not Well Wisher said...

"...I should not waste my valuable time."

Huh? Chris, let me explain. You are a waste of other people's valuable time. There are some poor souls who read your silly little rants expecting to get some deep insights into the real world of politics and what do they find?

Apart from a great deal of amusement at the gobbledygook that passes as your attempt at mastering the English language, those of us that dip into your little universe do so just to remind ourselves that you are the authentic voice of an increasingly desperate and failing Labour Party.

Thank you for that.

Miles said...

I think Dale is an absolute muppet on whom you should not waste your valuable time.