Tuesday, April 15, 2008

City Centre Tory: Steals Another Blogger's Work

The cheeky Welsh scampie Rob Ad-lard (serial Conservative Loser, City Centre) has copied and pasted an entire LOL post on his scarcely visited blog.

No, of course he didn't ask. No, of course he's not paying me. No, of course he doesn't see any benefit for himself in publishing yours truly revealing some background on his Lib Dem opposition.

Of course Mr Adlard took almost six weeks to muster a retort to this post condemning him for kiddy Tory politics.

Not because he is chronologically relatively young, which the poor dear seems to feel to be the case, but because his contribution was strikingly immature as well as unedited and tedious. He would appear to be confirming his juvenile attributes by (hee hee) nicking other people's work.

MEANWHILE: Manchester Conservatives have I'm told excelled themselves and selected a Mr Bean to contest the Didsbury West Ward (hee hee).


benchilltory said...

thr party of the insignificant dot should be preparing themselves for opposition!roll on 2010

Rob Adlard said...

Chris you never fail to entertain, thank you! Its incredible you charge the Conservatives with not being serious about politics when you post the trivial personal attacks that you do. Why aren't you still the Labour candidate for the city centre?
I must apologise for damaging your ego and not asking your permission to use something already in the public domain, but your unique insights into the Lib Dems were just a little entertaining - you should be flattered!

Gareth said...

Hey Chris
Why are you not a Labour candidate again?
Is it because your party realised what a complete tosser you really are?
And kicked you out?
We are going to take great delight on taking Lib Dum and Liebour seats through Manchester.

your late night drunken blogger said...

"We are going to take great delight on taking Lib Dum and Liebour seats through Manchester."
gareth 15 April, 2008 23:22

Oh, I do hope so! What an odious little man that Chris Paul is and he is about to be flushed down the toilet as a non-candidate and the non-blogger he deserves to be!

Chris Paul said...

Rob Adlard:

1. Well done for using your name. It would not have been hard to create a link to your blog too.

2. The kiddy politics charge is specific to you on that particular item not to Conservatives in general. It was a turgid letter, reminiscent of the worst student papers. Though your pals here aren't exactly grown up and polite now are they?

3. As a fiddler you surely understand copyright? It is outrageous that you think it is OK to nick other people's work wholesale in this way. And it wouldn't protect you from any legal action so you have presumably checked all the facts and assertions? As a candidate you are more in the firing line than myself.

4. In 2007 Labour had an AWS in CC and when candidates were chosen for 2008 I was not on the panel of candidates.

5. Anthony McCaul is a most excellent candidate with a good team of CC residents backing him.

6. This collection of four comments really does go to show up the immaturity and nastiness of the Tories (and drunks) at large in the blogosphere.

Hurrah! But seriously ... more power to your elbow in Didsbury and Whalley Range and so on. Help us tip out those Lib Dems!!


Anonymous said...

Add-lard - you are Thieving Tory Scum. Margaret Thatcher would be proud of you.

Gareth said...

Very polite anon
Did your mother have any kids what actualy lived?
I bet you're the sort of person who blames other people for their own mistakes in life?
I won't expect an educated response

Chris Paul said...

As you say Gareth anon has a way with words. Like your good self. Rob Adlard is a thief as he has no respect for copyright. And he is a Tory. But as he doesn't float to the top but rather sinks to the dephs he can hardly be called scum. Dregs?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, just wanted to stop by and say hi, since I'm the Mr Bean of whom you speak - Mr David Bean, to be precise about it. Whilst I'm here I must thank you for your support: you don't (to my knowledge) know anything about me, and yet you still rate me as excellent choice of candidate! Now all we need is for the electorate to draw the same conclusion, and I'll have nothing to worry about ;)