Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Libdemologists: Clogg Tory, Huhne Got More Votes?

Greg Hands MP has published proof that Nick Clegg paid a subscription for one year to the Cambridge University Conservative Association right here on Conservative Home. This is something which Clogg has repeatedly denied and which that other saintly Lib Dem Huhne has repeatedly claimed.

I found this reference following a lead on Mr Bean - Conservative related to my previous post. But Dr Huq lists some of the blogsters who got there first.

Rupa also links to this Indy story indicating that Christmas Post (and/or dim-witted Lib Dems) saw some 1,300 postal votes arrive too late to count and with at least 906 of them for Huhne. In other words enough to change the result in Huhne's favour.

Of course in Rochdale one ward selection which looked to bring de-selection of a particular sitting councillor - who had allegedly been collaborating with Labour - was over-turned by cronies of Paul Rowen MP, Dave Hennigan and their ilk by simply disqualifying five of the voters on one side while not bothering to scrutinise the other side.

Lib Dems ... the not-very-nice, not-very-fair party.

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