Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kate Nash: Provides Riffs for BoZo Dick Headery

Max Lib Double O Seven
is a new You Tuber (23 years old, 23 hours ago, spooky) who has rather taken up the flash animation mantle of Tim at Bloggerheads who has been unusually silent on the Johnson-Dickhead for mayoralty issue.

Alert readers may remember that Tim Ireland created Boris Johnson's personal website which is now credited to some dickheads at Wibbler. Also the credited designers of young Tim Ireland's site. Cosy little world we live in.

Thanks to Mark T' Mark for the heads up in comments HERE.

UPDATE Sunday 11:00: Clearly these YouTube offerings are homage to Ireland's ouevre as Tim always signs his political works in his own name.

UPDATE Monday 11:44: Clarification.
Wibbler main man Simon H appears as a stag weekend dickhead on the banner of his homepage here, linking to free web-sms services (detail, left) and the title was intended to be observational rather than derogatory.


Bob Piper said...

I don't know where this leaves your conspiracy theory, Chris, but a quick glance down the sidebar of my site reveals the web designer.

Oh, and I've not been particularly quiet over Johnson.

Chris Paul said...

Fair enough. Those dickhead Wibblers get everywhere. Though you've not been a long standing creator of flash animations and gone quiet when a client involved in a major election is an obvious target.

These two are in the mould of previous B-heads productions IMESVHO.

Tim said...

Chris: I put my name to everything political that I do, say and produce. Please don't judge me by the standards of others.

Chris Paul said...

Fair enough Tim. But that being so why don't you have a view on the London mayoral election?

Tim said...

I have views, but - as incredible as it may seem - some views I choose to keep to myself.

I don't live in London, I don't work in London, I'm not a representative of (or a propagandist for) any party involved.

So I'm staying out of it.

PS - Iain Dale is obsessed with Ken Livingstone. Pass it on.

Tim said...

Re: Wibbler

Wibbler and I have worked/played together many times in the past. I have yet to see a single shred of evidence suggesting he's a dickhead. Far from it, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson for London Mayor
Back Boris

Chris Paul said...

Hi Tim - the Wibbler in question has a dickhead hat (?) on his head on his website - something to do with a stag weekend. This was observational, not disparaging. And linked to the Boris-Prick theme in the homage to your works. Chris P

Wibbler said...

Hi Chris,

I'm Wibbler - and it seems I've been prejudged, mainly on account of my remarkably dodgy hat. So, all that remains is to thank Tim for his unswerving support, and for balancing the argument together with Bob.

You seem a thoroughly likeable man, Chris.