Friday, April 18, 2008

London: Johnson Chain Smoking Behind Bike Shed

Paul Waugh in the Standard points out that the Buntery Johnson, B is still one for smoking behind the bike sheds. Chain smoking all the way to some £10,000 of donations from tobacco pushers.

Nothing new in Tory support for Tobacco pushers of course. One of the most agonisingly desperate chaps I have ever seen was a former Tory Cabinet Minister firing the starting gun at a healthy living fun run last summer in his Rushcliffe constituency.

Although the winner, Tarus Elly as it goes, was only about 30 minutes in running 10k, Mr Ken Clarke, for it was he, could not be persuaded to hang on and present the prizes. Much money was raised for the Kenyan Orphans Project which involves UK Medics in various splendid development projects in Kisumu and elseswhere.

All kinds of rationales for departure were offered. Including paying his paper bill, or he'd be in trouble with the missus. And packing for his trip that afternoon ... to South Africa on BAT business. In actual fact Ken was gagging for a smoke and finally exited stage right at quite a trot for a man of his build.


Newmania said...

Now that the Labour Party have irritated just about everyone I wonder if they will regret foolish illiberal legislation against smoking .It has destroyed already struggling pubs ,working men’s clubs and bingo halls ( I doubt heart of Flint goes to them much ) . It is detested in Lewes where the town died with the ban .Live music finished , and the cheerful character of its evenings is gone . The passive smoking myth was only that and I saw in New Scientist yesterday the chilling words “formulating the case for passive drinking “.I always though that there was a better case for drink free pubs than smoke free pubs but only as a thought experiment .

It is more the accumulation of meddling bossiness that accounts for the impatience with Brown we see . . These presumptuous interferences are exactly where Labour give their true character away. The word’s “Mind your own business “will need to be imported into the vocabulary in the period of opposition .

Chris Paul said...

Don't sit on the fence now Paul. You actually like Boris's half denied thought experiment - pipe dream? - in unbanning smoking borough by borough?

He will not get in. Because he's an ass. A genial enough ass. But London does not need a clown at the helm.

Anonymous said...

He may get in, and he may not. But it would be wonderful it he did so everyone could think of the smug complacent grin on your face falling into a four year long frown.

Chris Paul said...

Actually anon this is a heads we win tails we win in a sense. Not living in London and all. Boris fucking up London - as he surely would - would be quite a gift. However, in solidarity with Londoners we would prefer that this ridiculous prick and dickhead does not get to run the place.

Thinking Tories will vote Ken.