Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lamb in Wolves Clothing: Tory Garden Poster Onslaught

Back in Manchester yesterday by the way spotted a Tory garden poster, and a cult of personality window poster, in a decidely non-Tory area. Unable to resist I knocked on, invited myself in, slipped my shoes off, and attempted re-education. I needn't have worried. 100% red socialist Labourite household displaying posters in some sort of horrific favour for a bare acquaintance.

One of the daughters of the house confided that the household were berating mum for this faux pass - and having to pass the ugly mug blueness every day - but alas it was a question of "There's no harm in it" and "We'll all vote Labour as usual." The kind of word of mouth we can only dream of. Good news for Amina and bad news for Cllr "Buzz" Bhatti, the plane spotter and police complainant (retd.).


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the one on claredon rd - the house is obviously empty - that will be the Zanu PF winning with 42,000 postal votes

Anonymous said...

Wilbraham road looks more like Hale Barns,never seen as many tory posters in Manchester for years

Chris Paul said...

Er, Clarendon Road anon? Have been in London for three days, during which I did not see a single Tory poster. Will toddle over and take a look.

Chris Paul said...

Benchill Tory - thought you were permanently excluded from this part of Manchester? "Looks more like Hale Barns" isn't much help as there aren't that many there. But, again, I'll take a look. But I guarantee that following extensive research I have found that this minor rash of blue posters is an "in" joke that will end in tears for Mr Hussein.

We are about to find out the strength of the "personal vote" for the plane spotter and ex-police complainant Buzz Bhatti.

Still no blue leaflets through my door across the border in Chorlton. Which is a shame really. The Tory revival is frankly pathetic.