Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lib Dem Voice: Sod London, Vote for Johnson Chaos

Lib Dem Voice guest poster Andy Mayer says: Sod London, vote for Lib Dem franchise careers. Damning stuff. Geoffrey Payne writing in comments there is right. That is politically bankrupt. Bit like jewel in the Lib Dem local government crown Liverpool.


Andy Mayer said...

Chris you appear to be suggesting that voting for either Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson would significantly harm London or Londoners. I'm unconvinced, even if I think there is a better option.

In that event it would be sensible for Liberal Democrats to back the candidate most likely to lead to a liberal future for London in the long-term. You call that careerism, I call that doing the most you can to vote for the outcome you really want.

Chris Paul said...

Nope. You surely want health, wealth, liberty and happiness for Londoners? That surely comes before your own careers and party destiny? If it is attained without your party you can say "our work here is done" and disband.

And don't tell me you really think Lib Dems running London is a good idea. Look at Liverpool. The 10-year experiment of incompetence and careerism over the people's needs and views. What a bloody mess.

Deliberately voting for the wrong person this time in some calculation of what will benefit Lib Dem professionals in four or eight years in this contest ... Or otherwise in Euros, LG and parliamentary elections ... is bankrupt IMO.

Boris will obviously be a disaster for London yet it could go either way in terms of LD fortunes vs Tories. It has to be Ken.

But you don't come down on either side do you? Bloody typical.

Anonymous said...

Andy misses the point. Johnson would be a disaster, not Ken. Given that the calculation on what's best for Lib Dem careers is so tough it must be Ken. LDs call for Ken second preference! Or expose your absolute opportunism and vacuuity.