Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cassilis: Republicans as BNP, Brown Evades Snow Shower

Today Liam at Cassilis draws attention to some Republican theorizing on the Obama approach to economic interest as motivation. Almost equating the Republicans to the BNP. Surely not? ... but, then again it's not so far off the mark.

And yesterday there was some wondering about Jon Snow vs Gordon Brown. With the latter deemed highly evasive even by politician standards. That's a view some will share. But Snow is a rather inept interviewer at times. Not half as clever as he thinks he is.

ASIDE: Dan Snow - whose dad is Peter Snow who is Jon's cousin and apparently the connection who got Jon moving in journalism despite his shortcomings in that area - was unexpectedly eager to point out in an R5L interview I heard (sorry can't find a link just now) that the Snow men are dire thickos. He gets his brains he says from mum Ann and auntie Margaret.

PICTURE (Telegraph) : "Then you put the other boot on the other foot Jon".


Liam Murray said...

Grateful, as ever, for the plug Chris but I certainly wasn't trying to draw comparisons between the BNP and US Republicans - just pointing out that the left's tendency to dismiss support for either as a proxy for something else might not always be right.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed Liam. A clumsy caricature from moi. Though if you read you piece it was perhaps a clumsy caricature waiting to happen.

Elements of the US Republicans do have many of the traits of the BNP.

Ultra nationalism, survivalism even, issues to say the least with immigration (though Bush is fishing for support there), and with race, and with women, and with gay people, and with science/modernity.

On Brown-Snow, any thoughts?

I think GB's having a few good days now. And polls could improve quite spectacularly in the next 2 months.

But he'll need to come up with something on the 10% thing - even if it is the sort of candour Newmania offered - and the 42-days is unlikely to work through.