Thursday, April 17, 2008

Many Happy Returns: Buzzcock Pete Shelley is 53 Today

DJ Dr Roops wishes Pete Shelley a happy 53rd HERE and then, what's this neat segue to New Wave Asian Beats?, she sticks Ed Husain loud and proud on the other deck.

Good skills. Funniest Shelley story I can recall was the time he was propping up the bar after his solo sound check at the late lamented International Club - now an east mediterranean super-delicatessen - talking with the late lamented promoter Roger Eagle. Along came a flowers delivery. "Pete Shelley? Peter Shelley?", "Yes I!" said the man accepting delivery gleefully.

"Who can these be from?" he wondered aloud, tearing open the message. Inside, hilariously, a summons from the taxman. Many happy returns Peter.

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