Thursday, April 10, 2008

London: GuF Backs Johnson on the Old Bull and Bush

Mr GuF supports the Conservative mayoral candidate's policy on an amnesty for illegal immigrants. David Cameron does not.

The bigger problem with the policy of course is that the Mayor of London has no agency on Home Office policy in these matters. It's just bullshit from bullshit central. Showing the folly of feeding cocaine and skunk weed to psychologically susceptible Old Etonians in their formative years.

Which in Boris' case may well be ongoing. Below right on a recent "red nose day".

And what on earth was he on when he last appeared on Newsnight? Where were the bog police from The Evening Standard to expose his afflictions?

Hilariously testing the tops of cisterns in bogs where they themselves - guttersnipes one and all - were allowed to go. Ho ho ho. The Manchester Evening News used similar testing kits and ran a front page scoop: Cocaine: The Hidden Epidemic. They didn't find much. Except in their own loos, in hospital loos, and in police loos.

Manchester Confidential had us snorting in the aisles as they quite righty voted that the worst story of 2007. Not as bad as the Standard's perhaps. But bad.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, look at the hooter on him ...

Anonymous said...

I hope you have evidence on your comments on Boris.
Or is this usual crap from the Labour Party.
Boris Johnson for London Mayor
and all the shite you Labour Blogers write won't stop Boris kicking the traitor Ken out of office

Chris Paul said...

Evidence? That he admits school age druggery? That he looked and acted intoxicated on Newsnight? That he is still a young pup in the formative process of growing up? That he has a red hooter in the picture provided?

I have no idea whether the blithering blether Boris Johnson (or any of his party friends) still indulges in the old Columbian marching powder. I'm not claiming he is. I simply don't know. But he looked intoxicated, is still immature, and has a bright red hooter, rather typical of the inebriated.

He is utterly unsuitable to be in charge of anything and his track record demonstrates that.

If your prediction is correct then heaven help Londoners who are in for a quad annus miserabilis.

Anonymous said...

all the major candidates for mayor support the idea of an amnesty, even though they realise the mayoral remit does not cover immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

He hardly even makes the grade as a have I Got News for You host, never mind as a feckin Mayor.

Chris Paul said...

Personally I think the amnesty is an excellent idea. But I doubt that Johnson really thinks that Gareth. Whereas Ken and Bry very likely do.

He is good value on HIGNFY but apparently programmes take up to twice as long to make as normal when he is in the chair.

He cannot read his autocues. He cannot stem his potty mouth. He has ups and downs. The panellists cannot help themselves taking the picc out of him endlessly.

Is this the person Tories (or floaters) want running a great capital city? They want London to be a laughing stock? Or to be run for the benefit of the rich by a dark coterie of shadowy slickers cf Bush?

The sooner Londoners wake up and smell the coffee the better they will fare for the next four years. Ken can clearly be annoying for some but at least he's up to the job and gets things done.

Johnson would be a nightmare.

Chris Paul said...

That should be "piss" obviously. And belated apologies too for the dog Latin.

Anonymous said...

Boris making comments about policies that the Mayor has no remit over? Horrors! Because Ken would never do anything like that, would he?

Chris Paul said...

Hey Anon, of course Ken would. And we'd believe him. Trouble is that with Johnson we simply cannot believe a word he says. He scarcely knows what week it is. Or which way is up. Clown.

PS What do you think Boris was on when appearing on Newsnight? Just too much tartrazine in this coke?