Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Weak: Spectator Coffee House/Dale Continue Smears

The Spectator's Coffee House blog ran a wafer thin smear on Ken. Suggesting something or other about his campaign's financial supporters I suppose. And using a single anecdote from 2004 to make their point and some utterance on TV.

Newsnight's debate was a zoo. Largely thanks to Boris's boorish interrupting, showboating, twittering. Like one of the less engaging characters from Postcards From the Edge. And this a man who has set up a donate by text system that could conceivably launder huge amounts of secret donations.

It may be that this year Ken has a system to shield him from immediate knowledge of his donors. But clearly that cannot last very long as they become public knowledge as they are declared.

The Coffee House post implies he is aware of all his donors now when in general that may be untrue. And it relies on these 2004 anecdotes. So weak. Have they not got anything about Johnson and Paddick donors to give the impression that they have the sort of balance and fairness expected of proper journalists?

Meanwhile Mr Dale gets on his high horse, again. This time over possibly free travel in london for the poorest of the poor.

Seems to me the idea of free travel for refugees and asylum seekers and I suppose some form of registered "subject to detention" people who are in appeal processes - and indeed job seekers and ultra poor - is not a bad one.

Though I would have thought Iain's emotive term "Illegal Immigrants" would not actually be a factual description of those most likely to take this up.

Such a scheme would actually save the Home Office and others from subbing the travel at full cost too, and also people missing signing appointments etc because they don't have £4 for a tube or £2 for a bus or whatever.

If there is no way to do this with recourse to UK public funds then finding some way to have it sponsored or funded commercially seems like a very reasonable and creative work round.

Seems ridiculous to me that those seeking work don't get any sort of concession on most public transport. Ridiculous in fact. JSA is not enough to fund anyone to "get on their bike and look for work".

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