Tuesday, April 08, 2008

London: Paddick Bird Brains Contrarily Flirting Torywards

Lib Dem Voice are carrying an exciting discussion triggered by the analysis of
Sunder Katwala, general secretary of the Fabian Society at Comment is Free. Hat tip: Farmer Dale.

Lib Demmer Jennie aka The Yorksher Gob offers this observation:

As for the current poll … Well, I don’t live in London, but Vote Match matched me with Ken then Sian then Boris THEN Brian, so …

I would advise other Lib Dem activists to try this before choosing Brian and Boris ahead of Ken which - according to the LDV poll is slightly more likely at the moment. Which worries me. Even given my low opinion of the "principles" and "politics" of a good few Lib Dems.

SPOILER ALERT: My own results can be enlarged from the graphic on the right. But do your own first if you don't want any danger of creating an almighty self fulfilling prophesy. My one and a half disagreements with Ken are over airports and I suspect that his own view on at least the overall capacity required by the Capital is more nuanced than this answer suggests. In fact Gilligan tried to smear him on that among other Gilliganesque fantasy constructs and aberrations in yesterday's Daily Smearken "True or False?".


Gareth said...

Boris Johnson is going to give the traitor Ken one hell of a kicking at the election.
The best thing is the Labour Party know this as well.

Tim Kinsella said...

Well I got Lindsey German...hmmmm.

Chris Paul said...

Interesting Tim

As you can see I didn't include the minnows in my results. There is a choice on that. Though with transferable votes you could vote for LG first and then Sian and then Bry and then Ken ...