Saturday, April 05, 2008

Reasonable Tory Bloggers: Oh Yes, There Are One or Two

Long overdue links to reasonable Tory Liam trading as Cassilis and reasonable Tory Evan trading as Evan's Thoughts have been added.

Part of the CP-LOL mission is to rebutt some of the knee jerk nonsense of Farmer Dale and of course Dozy GuF, with catching them doing something right as a very occasional sideline.

But Cassilis is terrifically reasonable and mostly right. And Evan is terrifically legal, often reasonable, and always right of centre. The Price is right after all.

Apologies gentlemen for not linking sooner.

UPDATE: Liam at Cassilis is Centre-right and independent, and 'fesses to some Labour voting in General Elections. Certainly not a doctrinaire Tory.


Newmania said...

'knee jerk nonsense'

I have to admire your cheek.

I think Mr. Cassilis has long been suspected of ideological thought-crime and this will be placed on his central file.
Should his nightime slumber be rent by the crash of a baton on his door,it is no more than his many trangressions have invited.

I think he is blue rinse Liberal really .

Cassilis said...
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Cassilis said...

Thanks Chris.

Not one of the blogospheres biggest rows I'll grant you but as Newmania hints above there's some disquiet over my political affiliations. I've been kind and patient with Project Cameron which probably explains the Tory tag - on the other hand I voted Labour at the last 3 general elections so I'm no partisan blogger. I prefer the centre-right, independent tag but I won't lose sleep over where people put me.... long as it's not next to Newmania....

Chris Paul said...

Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris.

'Terrifically legal' is quite a tag ... 'often reasonable, and always right'... I'll choose to ignore the 'of centre'! :)

Red Maria said...

Pah! Reasonable is boring. Reasonable implies consensus. Yeughh.