Friday, April 04, 2008

Bitter Euro Wreckers: Throwing Stones at Cameron

Conservative Home has a bitter expose of the methodology used by Tories to select Euro lists. Poor old Sajjad Karim MEP gets it in the neck again.

His new office in Chorlton was one of those I attended when looking for legal support for Tarus in his hour of need. No solicitors present. No receptionist. Presumably the MEP office - also unoccupied - in the back is paying much of the rent and business rates?

Eager recommendation for another immigration lawyer was made, who shall be nameless for now. But this character demanded £250 up front "on account" to receive a fax, sign it, fax it back.

Incidentally, after the purge, it was good to see a Lib Dem site still featuring their former MEP HERE.

Born and raised in the small Lancashire town of Brierfield, he went on to set up Marsdens Solicitors in Nelson, where he is a partner working mainly as a criminal defence lawyer. He was a councillor in Pendle for eight years.

Perhaps "Marsden" is an old family name? Bitter Pendle Lib Dems and others shot the breeze HERE.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that my analysis of the problem is rather more sober ... and how about a link? Please?

Chris Paul said...

Link, yes Evan immediately and with apologies. Also will add Liam's Cassilis. Don't know how I've not done these.

The Tory protocols for these selections have not been particularly different from the Labour way. Which is not to suppose the Libs in NW led by Chris "Bonkers" Davies went for anything fairer.

Talk about two-faced and double-edged Davies is up for anything that preserves his gravy-training. After a couple of years of quietude (and intermittent disgrace) he will no doubt start to tart around again towards the Euro election next year.