Saturday, April 12, 2008

Westmonster: See Way Up There, Those Are Standards

Over at Westmonster doctor's are absolutely apostrophied. Not just in the headline. They're addicted. Like greengrocer's.

"Objections ... has" too. And the "Dali" Lama is that any relation to the Pushme-Pullme from Dr Doolittle? Bring back Sadie! Ah, here she is after all. Well worth a gander. Link soon.

As sausage reviewers go Tom Watson has the visage and the stature of a man who might be trusted on the matter. No signs of malnourishment there as my vet once commented on a solid feline.

Meanwhile Vince Cable is still a very silly sausage.

Where on earth did the good doctor get the squaddie wages figures he has been spouting as they are completely and utterly wrong.

Strangely commenters at LDV are trying to change the subject on that one. Don't panic, don't panic. Graphic:

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