Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Absolute Votes: Sheila Newman in Hall of Fame

Not only did Labour's Cllr Sheila Newman hammer John Leech's franchise candidate by 259 votes in my home ward of Chorlton but Sheila also gets into David Ottewell's county wide Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile Cllr John Leech MP still hasn't explained where he's getting his four colour process printing from as requested. We'll be interested to see Leech's franchise people's campaign expense declarations and how the ink blot allocates his office overhead.

And meanwhile I've yet to hear what's occurring on the question of the ex-Mayor Cllr Sandiford and his proxy voter plot.

TRIVIA: It may be that the all-time biggest Labour vote in a Manchester Local Government election c 3,500 was Tony Dale's 2001 by-election victory Whalley Range; agent-in-chief Yours Truly. Wind at our backs: General Election.

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lorenzo23 said...

I believe when he saw Sheila Newman's votes stacking up at the count, he ran off, deserted his acolyte because he didn't want to be associated with a losing candidate. Loyalty?