Wednesday, May 07, 2008

COBBLERS: Brown Down, Tractor Production "Best Ever"

Central Office Bobbins Blogging Enterprises (COBBLERS) carried the tragic story of Secretary Stalin's dip in the polls but missed the good news of a huge increase in tractor production in the north. Which fact really matters to workers of the world.
Meanwhile Czar Cameron's Conservative opposition are still pursuing a policy of having no policies whatsoever. "We've learned this over time" said Cam "When our policies of cutting vital services, undervalued and mishandled privatisations and making the rich richer become known we always drop through the floor in the polls. We're keeping schtum."


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think you'll find that every Conservative shadow minister and David Cameron himself freely admit that the bulk of their policies will be released closer to the general election in 2010.

Anyone with even the remotest sense of political strategy would know that releasing policies this far ahead of time would be a ridiculous move.

Anonymous said...

You are ridiculous.

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous - are you referring to lettersfromatory, in which case hear, hear; or to my good self, in which case you are not paying attention?

Philip Blond fan said...

Labour have made the rich richer, too.

Anonymous said...

Schtum or scum.


Diablo said...

That's Labour scum I presume, anonymous(GW) at 00,24?

Chris Paul said...

NO Diablo Tory schtum. Cam would take great offence at being called scum. He's a floater alright, but not scum.

Chris Paul said...

Belated answer to lfat:

Cam has had loads of policy commissions yet is on the run from any policy commitments.

Even the major areas of philosophy are up for interpretation.

While it obviously makes sense to save up some ideas for general election time the Tories have just done rather well in some local govt elections on the back of ... nada.

There is a vacuum at the dark heart of the Tory party.

Tories are back said...

"Dark heart of the Tory party"
Ha don't make me laugh
The only "Dark heart" in politics is your PM
But don't worry only another 2 years and you will in opposition

Chris Paul said...

I'm not worried. You like Cam have no arguments, only personal attacks.