Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lib Dem Confessional: Corrosive Weasel Words Are Us!

Go Martin Go! Obviously you're right about Labour's aspirations and Billy Bragg. And you're certainly right about the Lib Dem's collossal contribution to corrosion and cynicism:

... when we move into the realm of unsubstantiated allegation, weasel words, sly jibes, innuendo, and such like, then we contribute to the corrosive cloud of public distrust. It is unethical. It is destructive. And, what’s more, I believe it is counterproductive.

You'll not change it though, sorry Martin. It is there in the Lib Dem constitution. "All things to all people!" and "Weasel words are us!" it says, though it must be said it is naturally expressed in riddles.

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Anonymous said...

You are right. It is there in the Lib Dem articles of faith that like the Rev Moon's Unification Church or other sect they ought to be the answer to everyone's prayers. Clearly this comes unstuck if they win power.