Thursday, May 15, 2008

BBC Nicky Campbell: GOO is Shallow Chancellor

Oh, I do wish I'd heard Radio 5 Live breakfast presenter Nicky Campbell calling Sir gGOO Osborne the Shallow Chancellor. A vaudevillian slip. Good value.


Anonymous said...

You obviously got it all wrong.

He called Gordon Brown "the useless prick".

Chris Paul said...

Funnily enough anonymous he did not. yet another advert for the modern Cuddly Nu Tory Party for whom politics is all down to who you know, where you went to school, your shady past, and your old school future.

Show us your policies!

Anonymous said...

As opposed to the party that selects the daughter of the deceased MP to be their new candidate. That's real meritocracy in action, isn't it Chris.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Parris in this Saturday's Times has got to a point of view which many of us reached some time ago.

Gordy is mad.

Chris Paul said...

Do you know what anonymous 16:35? From what I hear Ms Dunwoody Jnr won the selection race hands down in a substantial tussle for the seat. It is just possible that name recognition and sentiment swayed a few CLP members but the marging was huge. Tamsin is an experienced parliamentarian after all.

Meanwhile Tories have the son of a nutter who cost you seats with his referendum Party, and an nth generation Hogg, and a bastard descendant of some mad bad prince of Wales. Just give it up.

Being someone's rellie should neither rule you out or rule you in in a meriticracy.

Chris Paul said...

Anon 21:46: Is Parris going to keep getting paid over and over again for wearing his hatred for Gordon on his sleeve in this way? Talk about idee fixee. Isn't there anything else he can turn his poison on?

Anonymous said...

So why should Tamasin Dunwoody be prevented from applying for the parliamentry seat just because of her parentage ?

Sounds like Viz mag's " Spoilt Bastard" and his name is Timpson as well !

GW (a distant cousin of Dunwoody)

deidre said...

I can sense you're getting more and more desperate, Chris. Gordon's not doing very well, is he? You must be feeling quite tense about all this.

I suppose you might be wondering why you bothered to support NuLabour in the first place when you could have just carried on walking the dogs in the woods and forget all about your failed attempts to become "someone" in the Old Labour Party?

Why not come back into therapy? We'd love to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Chris - did she win it hands down by refusing to say whether Brown was an asset or a liability (or did that only become her position once she'd won)?

Anonymous said...

Are you for real? You cannot see why appointing the daughter of the deceased MP as the candidate is not meritocratic? It is a blatantly cynical move and this is the kind of thing that is alienating so many ordinary people from Brown's Labour Party. We're all equal but some are far more equal than others.

Bill Quango MP said...

Its all about the politics, not the people.
Tony Blair knew it had to look like it was about the people and he managed this for about 7-8 years.

Gordon hasn't managed it at all. He says I feel your pain, I am working for you, i have delivered more [X] for you. But we all know he means for LABOUR. The Labour Party.
I have delivered [X] TO KEEP MY JOB.

the game is up.
PLP knows it, the media knows it, the Tories and Lems know it. The Queen knows it, the markets know it, the heartlands know it , The Scots Really know it,The dummy chancellor knows it, The Unions know it and most importantly The people know it.

Even a big win in C+N will prove what exactly? That the recent local elections were a fluke, and really everyone loves Brown. Can we all have a big hug and say we're friends again.
Time for a reality check. Start plotting a strategy to win in 2015 or it could be a ling time in the wilderness.

Chris Paul said...

Oo-er look at all this harrassment for a poor absentee blogger.

Meanwhile the baronet Osborne is still a shallow chancellor wannabe. Who has been found thoroughly guilty of declaration failure on a humungous amount of donations with "conflict of interest" written right through them.

You be cock a hoop is you want to. The blogger's not for turning.

It would be NOT MERITOCRATIC appointing Tamsin for this candidacy is she were not considered the best candidate on merir, which she was.

But it would be NOT MERITOCRATIC giving lucky rich boys access to the Tory Front Bench by virtue of their parents wealth, titles and influence, now wouldn't it?

And before you start life without Mark Fisher MP would probably be just about bearable, though given his background he probably had MERIT stamped through him to succeed with the comrades.

I have no idea what if anything TD said about Brown and the polls at her selection hustings but whatever it was it didn't put the people there off backing her strongly.

Obviously having a current big poll defecit, a poor overall performance on May 1, and an unpopular PM is not the combination of factors one would choose to defend a seat in a by-election, even as a rellie of the previous MP.

It's all to play for. It is a three-horse race. And whatever happens you can see how confident the Tories are by their continual talking down of the result.

We'll find out around midnight on Thursday 22 May. Meanwhile possibly see you in Crewe.

Greek Chorus of Tory Boys said...

But not if we see you first ... arf arf