Saturday, May 17, 2008

Labour of Love: Some Additions to the Blog Roll

Some new links. Boris Watch (occasional) and Tory Troll (boundless) are watching Boris bumble and fumble his promises. One now has a Part Time Spoofster though they are struggling to keep up. Hurry Up Harry you know, it's old. Labour and Capital and Labour Outlook are new.

Leighton Andrews AM is fighting the good fight in the Welsh Assembly while Paul Burgin sticks to Mars Hill. Manchester's most cosmopolitan political blogger is Norman Geras, Sadie now has a Tavern of her own, where she gets served however squiffy or out of order she may be, but also contributes soberly at the Wardman Wire.

Liberal Conspiracy does what it says on the tin, and I really should have been linking to Nadine now shouldn't I?

FOOTNOTE: If you are linking or would link and LOL're not please drop hints in comments or by email.


Matt Wardman said...

If anyone wants to steal Sadie's button from my blog they are welcome to do so.

You can find all the Parliamentary reports in the Parliaments tab on the front page.

Chris Paul said...