Saturday, May 17, 2008

Down in the Dumps: Osler on Crewe and Nant

Dave Osler seems to think that a loss of any dimension in Crewe and Nantwich could be catastrophic:

It's not quite 'weigh the vote'/'donkey with a red rosette' territory, but C&N can fairly be classified as a heartland seat. It is impossible to overstate how catastrophic defeat next Thursday will be for Labour. It would call into question not just New Labour’s arrogant insistence that the stupid proles have nowhere else to go, but the party’s ability ever to form a government again. Yes, it really is as serious as that.

One comment, from the infamously argumentative Andrew Coates, suggests:

Anyway, word I have got is that the working class loathes Brown from the bottom of its heart. Really really hates his tripes. Whether that will be enough to swing this by-election, don't know.

Others point out that mid-third-term this is just the kind of seat that any government stands to lose in a by-election. What does the panel think?

HAMES ON TORIES IN C & N: On the Crewe and Nantwich by-election “Save the poor, vote Tory” has the ring of “Save the whale, vote Harpoonist” about it. -Tim Hames, The Times, 12 May 2008. Hat tip: Cole Not Dole.


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't make any difference to what you thought.

What you think is that Labour will win and win big time.

What you really think, however, is that Labour is going down the plughole.

Which is why you have already prepared your excuses for that possibility.

Still, these excuses are all running out. Soon, you'll be reduced to invoking astrology as the reason why Brown is such a useless turnip.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks for avoiding the swear box anon. There's progress that is.

Ted Foan said...

"Others point out that mid-third-term this is just the kind of seat that any government stands to lose in a by-election....."

What!? The I65th most marginal seat on the Conservatives' target list? You expect Labour to lose that in a by-election? Particularly when it had been held by the venerable and respected (on all sides) Gwyneth Dunwoody?

They are 'avin a larf, my son. There's spin, Chris, and there's being bloody stupid.

(Whoops, another fiver goes to my wife who is, as I write, walking the Moonwalk in London and raising money for breast cancer research.)