Saturday, May 24, 2008

Britain's Got Talent: Singing Plumber From Glasgow

Seeing tonight last shake down from 170-odd "talents" to just 40 we were entertained by a shyly charismatic Singing Plumber. This reminded us of the Ould Lammas Fair* in Ballycastle were the streets are lined with stalls providing cassettes and even CDs of The Singing Postman, The Singing Fireman, any number of Singing Farmers, and so on and so forth.

I'm reminded that the last time my ears experienced this occupational cacophony I remarked: "Shame there's no Singing Singer!" You had to be there. They weren't Shirley Bassey to be sure, but they were bad.

Local lad Scott Rankin gives a flavour of the "Singing XYZ" phenomenon in his Music selection at My Space.

ABOVE: "The Grinning Children" at Giant's Causeway.

* FOOTNOTE: As opposed to the Old Llamas Fair which is presumably held in a field adjacent to Edward Timpson's faux farmhouse. It was priceless hearing ET, given the chance of a 60 second blurb on Radio Five Live, including the strident statement: "Those llamas were not mine" which must have been clear as mud to most innocent listeners.

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Anonymous said...

Should that be a singe-ing fireman?