Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grant Shapps: This Has Got to be the Key Crewe Quote

Blunder expert Mr Shapps said, Friday pm, live on Channel 4Newsnight:

The Conservatives are now the party of opportunism


Diablo said...

Unless he made the same verbal slip twice (immediately corrected to "... the party of opportunity") I heard this so-called blunder on News Night on BBC 2 last night. (The two MPs from the LibDems and Labour sniggered, of course and Shapps seemed to blush a little - do you think he looks a bit like Tony Blair?)

So I am not sure your "source" was right about Channel 4 News.

Minor point, perhaps, but it's always best to get your facts right, isn't Chris?

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Diablo, I think you are right on both counts:

It's not really a blunder, it's the truth
And it was indeed on Newsnight

My source being my own eyes and ears and my own memory I will now take myself to task.

Diablo said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, young fella. It's been known to make people blind - to the bleedin' obvious, that is!

Whoops! Too late you've already done the damage by years of supporting the Labour Party.

Chris Paul said...

But the Tory Party IS the party of opportunism! Now out-doing their yellow cousins in some parts of the country. I'm still waiting for any sort of explanation of the horrid tie up with Hizb_ut-Tahrir in the next ward to me. Opportunism, communalism, threats and lies.