Monday, May 12, 2008

Brogan Blog: White Slaver Pickles' Love Bomb

BroganBlog have :

1. Eric Pickles - the thinking Tory's John Prescott - camping it around Crewe and Nantwich in a safari/white slaver/Man from Del Monte suit;

2. Dave Cameron - the thinking Tory's Peter Mandelsohn - requiring "three Crewe visits" from his shadowy henchpeople crew;

and 3. Love Bombing planned for Labour voters - Ooooh go on, go on. Vote Toff. The sky won't fall on your head if you do. Not right away.


Anonymous said...

Pickles is so obviously the Prescott of the Tory plot that it hurts. Clearly he will also have been shagging his secretary with his chipolata. But the main thing is he is the reach out to the north.

Pickles is pucker said...

Just to all fat lads and lasses north or otherwise. And just everyone that appreciates lardiness, plain speaking, and over-promotion.

Where is the fat stupid Labour laddy or lady now? Tories just have a thickish middle-aged guy with an incredible frog throat, and just now Labour don't have one.

Brown needs to push Johnson and Cruddas and also some fat northerner forward. Otherwise he will lose under the Pickles spell.

Notatory said...

Sounds like desperation with the impending stuffing in Crewe to me.

Sad really.

Chris Paul said...

Read the next post referring to the non-aligned on the ground. Things may not work out as Dave has them planned. ET doesn't cut it, but both the Lib Dem and the Dunwoody are doing well on the knocker.

Meanwhile Phil Woolas and John Mann have been placed on "strengthening" diets by Number 10.

Anonymous said...

You never met David Bean from Didsbury Tories did you Chris?