Monday, May 12, 2008

English Democrats: Playing the Nation For Laughs?

Hilarious English Democrats video for Crewe and Nantwich.

Set to the lilting Scots Nationalism of the Proclaimers' Cap in Hand, and featuring Norman/French Knight Simon De Montfort as the grand daddy of English Democracy. Belated hat tip: Conservative Home.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dale nicked this off you without a hat tip.

Ted Foan said...

I think you'll find that ConservativeHome had it at 5.00pm after it was posted on PlayPolitical 4.51pm.

Iain Dale posted it at 6.36pm - just 24 minutes after Chris Paul.

So who should be hat tipping who?

Standards! Oh dear, what is the world coming to?

Chris Paul said...

Whether Dale got it from here while he was over huffing and puffing or from Conservative Home he should surely have honoured his principles with a hat tip. Mine should have acknowledged CH. And I'll add it now.