Monday, May 12, 2008

Lib Dem Am Dram: Vicious "Attack" on Johnson

Here's a throwback to a couple of weeks back. Lib Dems joined forces with the production crew of Midsomer Murders, or Morse on a bad day, to make the above Am Dram video. Meanwhile Mr Paddick's MoS diary, as misrepresented by Mr Dale did have one hilarious moment in it.

Dear Brian only thinks it was good to have got about a third of a million second preferences - had the two leading candidates been knocked out. Which is less than one in six voters thinking him even second best.


Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

Thanks anon. Gloriously informative and closely argued as usual. Sorry, this swearing goes way beyond the taste and decency settings for this blog.

Diogenes said...

These election results seem to be entirely beyond you lefty types.

Paddick got 641,412 second votes, not a third of a million and not 800,000 as he claims.

Earlier Mr Hilton tried to conflate Boris's majority with second prefs from the BNP(140,000 vs 130,000). Clever insightful stuff except the BNP only got 69,710 first prefs so would find it hard to contribute twice that number to anyone as second prefs.

Anyway keep up the good work, one cannot play tennis on one's own.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Diogenes, I have pointed out the 69,000 BNP thing elsewhere. Several times in fact. That's a relief.

I thought Paddick was claiming 600,000 including 1st and 2nd prefs (hence third of a million 2nds) though if he were claiming 800,000 this is an approximation of his 1st and 2nds. if he got 600,000 2s.

Not one for the detail that Bry.

Your comment appears to be on the wrong post though so you're not a detail person yourself, now are you?