Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lib Dem Campaigns: Iain Dale Writes Crap Shock

The blogging expert Iain Dale claims Brian Paddick had had it up to here with the Lib Dems in this fanciful story. So where in the world was Brian Paddick as the Mail on Sunday story was filed? Why, he was in Crewe and Nantwich repaying Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems for London support. Picture from Crewe.TV.

UPDATE 22:53: A couple of comments from sense-of-humour-less Iain Dale sock puppets, or perhaps the man himself in cognito. I've read the Mail on Sunday piece. Iain has misrepresented it, Paddick, Clogg, and the Lib Dems too.


Richard said...

Did you actually read Iain's story? What about Paddick's diary in the MoS?

Iain doesn't say that Paddick "... had had it up to here with the Lib Dems ...", so I don't know where you got it from but you owe Iain an apology.

Without that your whole story falls apart.

Then reading the article in the MoS. Paddick does make it clear, as Iain says, that he won't stand for the LibDems as an MP. While he didn't say in so many words that he hated the experience of running for office, Iain only claimed that it was clear from the article that he did hate it. That view is fully justified by what Paddick did write.

Your whole argument is that Paddick is still a LibDem supporter and willing to give practical help. Something that Iain Dale never commented upon.

You really are upset at Iain's success, aren't you Chris? Contorting a story this far to try desperately to score points against him.

I think the headline needs changing, don't you? How about "Chris Paul Writes Crap Shock"? I admit that you can take all the credit for it, as you wrote it, only with the wrong name.

Anonymous said...

It gets to something when the comments are more coherent than those made by the blog creator.

Richard, why waste your thoughts on this waste of space.

Just ask Chris about that the 850 stone gorilla lurking in his thoughts called Gordon Brown.

On second thoughts better not.

jailhouselawyer said...

I am amazed that you are shocked that Iain Dale writes crap. I thought everybody but Iain Dale himself knew this?

Chris Paul said...

Well I'm not really John

But Iain's sockies could certainly do with a sense of humour.

Paddick specifically thanks Clogg at the declaration and said he hadn't put a foot wrong.

Expect Paddick to turn up as a candidate somewhere before too long.

Best w

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Iain's ProTorian Guards are busy over here.

You're right Chris and they're wrong. Paddick's diary is not properly represented in Iain's commentary. It's crap.

What Iain's upset by is the fact that whatever the resources Lib Dems tend to best Tories in by-elections. It may be that the Crewe and Nantwich one does not continue that trend. But we'll see.

All indications are that Labour should lose massively. Anything other than that will make Cam look weak. If the Lib Dems make it three-way ditto.

Come on you yellows!

Anonymous said...

Yer - Am I being Stupid or is the liberal pillock in the left of yer photo wearing AWB regalia - and near to Nelson M's birthday.


Chris Paul said...

On the right of the photo you mean? Is AWB some Lib Dem sect?

Yes, anyway, it is a bit odd. And the candidate's poster between Bri and Liz herself has the look of that Bev Hughes about her.

Diablo said...

"Sad but harmless". That's how you were described recently by a fellow commenter, Chris.

Bit hard, I thought, at the time. You're not sad - you're remarkably optimistic and upbeat - for someone trying so desperately to support a lost cause.

But your continual ad hominem attacks on Iain Dale, your carping about the contents of his blog and your sneering about his pre-eminence as a blogger are wearing thin. (We had all this with Guido Fawkes - "Mr Guf" - how witty.)

Those of us on the centre right who read your prolific output (and note your propensity to respond at great length to the rare comments that are made) only do so to reassure ourselves that, you as an authentic voice of the people and "expert blogger", are totally out of touch.

In fact, you act as a bell-wether for us as the more ridiculous your spin and the more prevarication you deploy the more we know that Labour is in terminal decline.

Thank you for the service you perform.

(PS: I was going to sign this as "A Friendly Tory" but I see someone else has already claimed that nomenclature.)

Anonymous said...

Has it never occurred to you that Paddick and Hughes might be "an item"?

After all, Brian's diaries in the MoS has at least one reference to "handsome young men", not that Hughes is particularly young - but, then again nor is Paddick.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks all

Diablo: I am not aware of any ad hominem attacks on Dale or GuF. It is their content that gets scrutiny here. And why shouldn't it?