Monday, May 26, 2008

Captain Beefheart is Right: We Are All Distant Cousins

Distant Cousins, there's a limited supply said Don Van Vliet who is therefore related to Rupa Huq by proclamation. Obama and Bush too, worst luck. Meanwhile old McCain is just off the boat?

TRIVIA: The name Distant Cousins has been used by at least three recorded bands.

The Manchester Cousins, active 1986-1993 approx, featured some drunken late night negotiations right here in Chorlton where I blog back in 1988 when a one time manager purchased the name from a serial defector, worried by Doreen's babies "Doom" and "Gloom", for £50 cash.

Or was it £60? I forget.

Doom and Gloom are now 20 years old. Doreen ain't changed a bit. Congratulations!


Tim Kinsella said...

But where did the name Captain Beefheart come from?

Chris Paul said...

That would be from his Uncle Alan the flasher who compared his John Thomas to a fine beef heart ...

Though there were alternative explanations.