Saturday, May 24, 2008

David Cameron: Time to Disown and Deselect Dorries?

Will David Cameron now disown this woman and her mad friends? The ones that slag off Islam and draft amendments that HE himself votes for? Make sure she is deselected too? Hat tip: Recess Monkey.


The Fully Clothed Civil Servant said...

Well said….

I don’t doubt that Madines views on abortion are real and heartfelt; however, it is surely wrong for an elected member of parliament to be working with a fundamentalist Christian group – Christian Concern for our Nation. As we now know, the founder of this group, Andrea Williams has openly raised homophobic and anti-Islamic views.

For Nadine to continue to state that her vote was not motivated by religion shows what a stooge this woman has become.

Cameron should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Naaa! Leave her in - Think of the damage she can do to the Vermin oops I mean Tories.