Friday, May 23, 2008

London: Seems Voters Elect Clown Get Mad Axe Man

Tory Troll bears the news of the asset stripping that now faces London.

UPDATE Sat 9:42: Boris Watch finds the brilliance of TfL under Ken in reducing crime and ASB highlighted in a Boris-era Press Release.


Anonymous said...

I bet Conservative Central Office is dearly hoping that Bob Crow will get into a stuuchy with Boris Johnson.

Chris Paul said...

Could be ... this will be Boris Johnson's way of creating a brave new world of love in labour relations on the underground ... bless.

Diablo said...

What's Parker being paid for introducing London to the idea of getting value-for-money for the all the hard-earned money they pay in council and income tax?

Oh, that'll be £1 a year. That'll do nicely!

Chris Paul said...

£1 a year? Not on your nelly. All secret of course, thanks to Johnson's pledge to run an open book "from day one".