Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun and Games: Defective Slough, Doncaster, Liverpool

Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough/ It isn't fit for humans now as Labour defectors give power back to the Tories that local people have just given the bum's rush. It ain't right! Meanwhile Lib Dem Voice make a storm in a nice teacup of Yorkshire Tea as a Mayor plots to cling to power.

The one ot watch of course is Liverpool where a defection slipped the once great city back from "No Overall Control" for thirty minutes No Overall Control BY Lib Dems. The defection saving Fireman Bradley's part time scalp at the helm as he won back the leadership 26-13-7. Couldn't even manage to make it a two-horse race, the chumps. Liverpool Lib Dem Turkeys vote for Christmas.

Will Cllr Simon Ashley survive another year in Manchester?


Unknown said...

The much publicised coup by Tory Councillor and prospective parliamentary candidate Diana Coad will come to nothing on Thursday at the Mayor Making. Only one Labour Councillor will be crossing the chamber. Interestingly enough the gentleman concerned has been a stern critic of the local coalition who have "governed" Slough for the past four years. A damp squib.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Trevor, that is a real boost. I used to live in Wycombe and pre M40 Slough was between us and the capital and we often passed through (without stopping). So this means a lot.

Sadly a Lib Dem attempt to spread a story that Ashley and his Deputy, the mis-speaker Cllr Ambitious Arse (Rusholme) were toast proved to be just a ruse.

But they're safe. And Cameron gets the Scrutiny pay. No-one should trust a Lib Dem or a Tory spinning a line. Not even "Honest" John Leech MP.