Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Same Old Tories: Lansley Attacks Lesbian Families

Here's a wide ranging Guardian science sketch headlined by Tory stupidity over enforcing a requirement for a "father figure" and "male role model" in the case of IVF treatment for Lesbian couples.

Does a "father figure" have to be a man? Is there any science showing a problem? Or is a just a gut feeling that it "ain't right"? Will gay men adopting and fostering have to guarantee a "mother figure"? Will that have to be a woman? Explain Lansley, pray do explain!

CAPTION: Andrew Lansley furrows his brow as he looks in vain for a father figure. Broody Fiona Hodgson and Liz St Clair look bemused. Picture from Martine Martin.

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Anonymous said...

Lansley is an idiot. End of.