Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Graham Brady MP: Postcards From The Edge

The MEN's Dave Ottewell reports Graham Brady MP's continuing campaign to get up David Cameron's nose, this time over Cocaine use, rather than rubbing his nose in it at Alty Grammar School.

Might be a good time to reprise the MEN shock horror cover story David ... Cocaine: The Hidden Epidemic ... that found coke traces rampant ... but not in bars and clubs or Town Halls. Where then? At the MEN, GMP, and NHS Hospitals!

As it goes one of the Headteachers I studied under ran off with his secretary, and he was a Christian Brother and all; while a successor Head at another school was disgraced over his cocaine use, which to his credit he admitted, and suspected over nicking the boys' confiscated cocaine, which he sadly strenuously denied.

The affair lost him him a promotion ... in South America I believe.


Anonymous said...

The story is Crewe, mate.

Your diversionary tactic to talk about anything but the 85 stone gorilla sitting right in front of your screen is understandable but desperate. (Don't worry, Gordy tries it too but a fat lot of good it's does him)

When you can engage intelligently with the real world we know the Labour Party will be on the road to recovery. I reckon ten years should give you enough thought time.

Chris Paul said...

Why not use today's Crewe Strand if you have anything to add on the matter. You don't? There's a surprise then. Loopy Dorries on College Green is of far more interest and danger don't you think? But what about Brady's Cocaine Crusade? Where will it end?