Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Liverpool Lib Dems: Disgraced Storey as Mayor?

Cllr Louise Baldock (Labour) crunches the numbers of special responsibility payments likely to be available to Bradley/Storey loyalists.

There are about 26. That's handy as 26 stuck by the failed fireman and his firefighting £63 Million budget cuts. Eight of these bribery posts were deemed excessive in an independent audit. Down from ten.

The appointments committee was STUNNED INTO SILENCE at the news that disgraced ex Leader Mike Storey will be Liverpool's Lord Mayor in 2009-10. That presumably being the price he demanded for HIS loyalty to his co-conspirator/puppet.

If that is Liverpool's full council today endorse these decisions.

My feeling is that there is considerable scope for rebellion and even crossing the floor action from at least 20 disgruntled, possibly even principled Lib Dems.

PICTURE: Nicked from blogger Alex Lanson on the occasion, just a few months ago, of Storey, the utterly disgraced bully and failed ex-Leader, being honoured by Nick Clogg, in matching soft Tory tie. It's for "lifetime endeavour".

Alex has also noticed a way of telling "here be Lib Dems" ... Hywel Morgan can add the tip to his next Soft Canvassing and Jiggery Pokery guide.


Caption competition said...

NC: "And then I burnt down the bastard Kraut's precious Greenhouses. I was stoned in a glass house!"

MS: "Ha ha ha, good endeavour Clogg"

Louise Baldock said...

There are 10 cabinet board members (Leader, Deputy Leader and 8 others).

Then 10 Assistants for them (not 8, I was wrong - for some reason the Leader and Deputy Leader both merit an Assistant Executive Member too)

Then there are 4 select committee chairs (out of a total of 6)

And a Deputy Lord Mayor

None of the above can be duplicated by any one individual.

And three district committee chairs (these can be the same people as any of the above but they cannot have two lots of SRA monies, only one, the larger presumably.)

They have places on outside bodies attracting SRA - police authority, fire authority, merseytravel - but that money can also be claimed by someone who is already claiming something from the council, and the councillor will get both lots of SRA, as only one is from the council. Labour has some of these positions too.

Hope that makes it a bit clearer

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Louise

Plus the Area Chairs? If not he's one gift post short of a quorum! Though perhaps there are quasi judicial licencing and planning committees that attract an honorarium?

Not to mention Standards!

Chris Paul said...

Ooops, sorry, yes the Chairs are there. So he has enough "butties" for his whole sick crew.

Louise Baldock said...

Neighbourhood Committee chairs (Area chairs) get £6349

Select Committee Chairs get more, about 9k I think

I dont know the other rates the LibDems will be in receipt of, as they are obviously different and more than Labour colleagues would expect in opposition.

However, we get £4585 for a shadow cabinet, they obviously get a lot more than that.

Joe gets just shy of £12k for being the leader, Warren must get nearly twice that much I expect.

The Chief Whip gets £4585 on our side, I dont know if it is the same for the LibDems?

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Louise

I'd guess their Execs all get £6349 ... or £9k. In Manchester opposition appointees beyond Leader, Dep and one scrutiny chair get nothing. But the basic is £15,000 ish.