Friday, May 02, 2008

Hizb_ut-Tahrir and Tories: What Dave Thinks of Them

Further to the startling tie up of Tory and HuT hotheads in Whalley Range ward. The above is a seven-minute exchange between Dave Cameron and Gordon Brown, with a cameo for John Reid, at GB's first PMQs last year. This should help HuT hotheads (or HuTheads for short?) decide which side their heads are battered on.

There are a lot of problems with Hizb from my point of view. But the greatest in this instance is their collusion with Tories and their joint steaming-headed approach to this election.

Quite an irony that their Stand for Islam campaign was being used to scare very traditional elements in the community into voting Tory. That, when the Tories are currently the most vehement, arguably the only proponents in fact, in wanting to see HuT banned without evidence, good cause or a proper legal case

HuTheads distributed the material - with a spurious picture of Gordon Brown associated with the idea of banning the Qur'an, which idea came from a Netherlandish MP - in other wards too. But not in collusion with a political party. Such an association is utterly against the rules of engagement of HuT UK.

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