Friday, May 02, 2008

London Mayor: Has Boris Emulated Milton Tzangerei?

With around 50% of the boxes in the system we're hearing that Bojo may be about to emulate the watermelon smiled Morgan Tzangerei and win outright. If so will Ken be able to set picanninies, former colonials and white slave stock (like Boris hisself) a-grinning London wide? By moving the goal posts, delaying the announcement for five weeks, and insisting on a run off? Just a thought.

ASIDE: Will someone please pretty please tell smug shadowy chancellor GOO that Burry is NOT pronounced Berry?

HINT TO CAM: These terrible results for Labour ARE the result of a protest, particularly on the 10% tax and property scaremongering, and NOT a positive buy in to Tory "policy". Please stop pretending otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Your note to Cam.

Talk about dead cat bounce. Your cat is dead, deceased, not of this world, gorn, popped off to the daisies.

Voters hate you.

Chris Paul said...

Who are you anon-con? Here in Manchester and across the M6 in Liverpool to name but two places the voters are still loving us.

And "popped up to the daisies"? Are you snorting cocaine as you write? Or drunk as a Fawkes?

You old gobbledygooker you.

This has been a protest vote. If you get cocky like that Bullingdon Biffer Cam you'll crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

Loving the lamentations of all you leftie tools right now.