Saturday, May 03, 2008

Iain Dale: In the Bored Room, Encourages Gaffe

Here's personnel expert Iain Dale encouraging Boris to commit an immediate gaffe by sacking a successful senior official with a good, ahem, track record. Just here. No doubt Boris will close thelondonpaperThe Londoner and save £3 million. But he'll have to replace it soon enough.

And replacing it with £10 million of thank you adverts in The LES will not do it.

UPDATE: I have finally bothered to change the name of the newspaper Boris may be shutting. I had followed an Iain Dale gaffe which he had persisted with - hilariously so as he was trying to point up my ignorance of the metropolis - until shot down in flames in comments at the linked piece.


Anonymous said...

Guess what? Maybe Boris doesn't want to spew propaganda at, er, sorry, "communicate", with Londoners like in the past. Maybe he's philosophically opposed to spending public money telling people how he's wonderful and everything is rosy.

Very difficult for you to understand I suppose.

Chris Paul said...

Mmmm. We'll have to wait and see how much and how Boreeeece spends Londoner's money. One thing is for sure he'll probably not be closing The London Paper as Dale predicted and said was in the manifesto, that would be The Londoner.

And are you going to comment on Dale's proposed personnel gaffe? Or stay schtum like Iain?

Anonymous said...

Exactly what is it going to take for you to stop your mindless boosterism?

You've just suffered your heaviest defeat for three decades and more.

Stop broadcasting. Start listening.

That would be a start.

Chris Paul said...

Will you start to earn a bit of respect anons by signing your name to something? So cowardly.

Iain Dale is utterly wrong in suggesting Boris should start sacking people. That's true whether we're winning or losing.

This is not boosterism it is trying to hold fellow bloggers and the parties they boost to account.

In Manchester and Liverpool and elsewhere we have not suffered our biggest defeat for three decades and as Cllr Joe Anderson says Tories are as rare as rocking horse shit round here.

My view is that whatever underlying problems we may have as a party and as a country and indeed beyond nations and states this particular rather modest set of elections was treated as a protest.

Cameron has no policies so there is little or no opting in to that. It is protest plus itchy feet.

In my opinion.

It is alright to have an opinion is it anon? And one that is different from your "mindless" and indeed vacuous commentary? Is that OK?

Croydonian said...

Chris, I realise that London isn't your neck of the woods, but thelondonpaper (sic) is News Group's evening free sheet, and The Londoner is the City Hall monthly free sheet.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Croydonian. I realised that pretty early on after Iain Dale pompously explained that Boris was committed in his Manifesto to closing thelondonpaper. He got shot down in falmes over that. And he is more of a londoner than I'll ever be.

Any thoughts on Dale's advice to sack a successful official on grounds of unsupported and probably irrelevant charges of personal politics being different from Boris'?