Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tory Triumphalism: They Just Don't Get It Do They?

Agree with anon 12:30 reviews of the speeches at Iain Dale's. Boris did fluff/bottle his "joke" about Meier/Mayor at the get go didn't he?? But otherwise it was a humble and positive opener for the former buffoon. Ken was excellent in response. Paddick was of course a complete and utter Lib Dem tosser.

For the next 24 hours London is safe. Then we must start to worry.

Cam and Dale are wrong of course in thinking the last 48 hours of happiness are in reponse to the policy platform of the Cuddly Nu Tories. There is no policy platform, so how could it be?

The results in the country are I feel a protest vote based on one or two particular issues - the 10p tax gaffe and perhaps the credit crunch, though goodness knows Tories do those far worse and far more frequently.

Brown should have squared off the 10p Tax Gaffe immediately the attacks belatedly began.

London has I believe been less moved by that than other points North, South, West and East but in the final analysis it was close enough that the stay homes and protests on that problem probably did tip the balance.

Ken was therefore very gracious indeed to accept responsibility on his own shoulders without a quibble and to thank Labour for unstinting support.

Question: How will a Mayoral election in the run up to London 2012 actually play? Fascinating. Assuming Boris doesn't mess up so badly he is in prison and replaced by then.

Observation: The 2nd preferences did not matter Boris won by 15,000 or so without his. Which thankfully means the BNP can claim no credit as Shagger Barnbrook takes his place in County Hall. Strangely there's no place for him on the BNP masthead. Is he about to change parties?

Fantasy: By-election soon in London, perhaps by Galloway taking Chiltern Hundreds for old comrade. Ken wins by a landslide. Boris is out canvassing for him. Brown graciously falls on his sword to allow Ken a run at the leadership. McDonnell, Meacher and Denham sit on hands and Back Ken. Ken Livingstone is Prime Minister! Ten More Years!

FREUDIAN SLIP: Quite like Tory Trimuphalism. But have corrected headline.


Anonymous said...

Fantasy? Nah, for once all can agree with you. Go on Chris, help make this dream reality.

Bill Quango MP said...

look at the comments made on this post. if those making the comments actually had influence over the Labour Party then my gang would never have won such a landside.
thank goodnesss it won't happen and there will just be some money thrown at 'presentation' and a full steam ahead, hope the economy improves in time for a vote winning tax bribe in 2010.

Your "Cam and Dale are wrong of course..." is probably correct.But people do despise the government's TAX TAX TAX.+
That hurt feeling and backlash from the 10p tax band group is only what 22p/40p tax banders have been feeling for 5-6 years or so. That will require a lot more than "listening" to fix.

best of luck, you will need it.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Bill Quango MP

It is lovely to receive a reasoned comment from an "identified" Tory supporter, and thanks for the good luck. We clearly need to export the Manchester model to the rest of the country.

I will take a look at the comments to which you refer at Labour Home. Thanks again.

Best wishes

Chris P