Friday, May 09, 2008

Lib Con: Gilligan is Gilliganed-Up Like Kipper

Over at Liberal Conspiracy Sunny Hundal has Gilliganed-up Gilligan like a kipper. And Gilligan's fighting back and protesting his innocence.

Key fact, facts fans, is that Silly Gilly works for Iranian State media, the very same that provided the reassuring tractor production news that cheered us up. Who'd have thought it? Actually working for homophobic misogynist terror supporters while calling Ken for being civil to similar.

What a disturbing level of hypocrisy the old PhD smearer lives with. Please don't hesitate to go over to Liberal Conspiracy and join in the fun.

PICTURE: Is it my imagination or is Cam looking more than a bit out of it as he hands 40 pieces of silver to Silly Gilly? Press Gazette.


Anonymous said...

"Chris Paul is sad but harmless" was just one of the comments from the blogger world.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Cherie!

I presume we'll now have a 300 word response from that consists of a rambling incoherent rant about Iain Dale or those pesky LibDemologists. Interesting, though, that total Conservative votes in last week's local elections were 1800 higher than Labour's in Greater Manchester. And the LibDems retained Liverpool, too.

Oh dear, Chris. Got that one wrong as well, didn't you?

I presume you've seen the report in Tribune that says the Labour Party is near to bankruptcy? Have you got a spare £4 million to bail them out of their black hole? Otherwise that general election in June 2009 you have been predicting might never happen.

I'll give you a tip: have a word with Tony and Cherie. They seem to have a few bob I am sure they will be pleased to donate.

Chris Paul said...

Er, thanks my cowardly tosspot tory troll friend. For the record I didn't predict the split of the vote between the parties in Greater Manchester. So I wasn't wrong about that and I would have called it pretty even as it goes. Good to see you've stumbled on Tribune's helpful analysis ... hardly news though is it?

These off topic ramblings of yours are rather wearing. Tell us what you think of Gilligan ... and whether you think Cam looks bladdered etc.

Anonymous said...

I was always told never to get into an argument over politics because you will never win. I wish I understood more to see who is right or wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, he is a bit odd looking. There's no 'life lines' just an unusually smooth rounded face that is not 'quite right' for a bloke. Probably botoxed up to buggery. And he has small teeth, so that when he smiles his mouth is a black hole. His nose is a bit hooked too, and so's his chin, so that from some angles he looks a bit wizardy. Thanks for letting me put this. I dislike personal comments as a rule, but as poor old Gordon has to suffer hideous comments about his looks, this is just a little pay back.