Thursday, May 29, 2008

Libdemologists: Again Dump Local Candidate in Henley

Reading between the lines at Lib Dem Voice they have again dumped a local candidate for the Henley by-election. The Tories have not yet picked, though it looks like the local party have given Stanley Johnson the bum's rush though failing to achieve the open primary they wanted.

Three local councillors have been shortlisted and the selection is tomorrow, Friday. Cllr Anne Ducker (right) of Goring-upon-Thames being the hot favourite.

Meanwhile Tories are also mischieviously suggesting that Mark Oaten will depart Winchester at the same time making for a double header Tory-Lib challenge. Meanwhile son-of-his-father Zac "Frank" Goldsmith may be preparing the ground for a hostile takeover of Sainsburys. Probably using his dad's patent Greenmail tactics.


Toby said...

How's Labour doing Chris? Have we selected a candidate yet, and if not any idea when we will?

Chris Paul said...

Sorry Toby I don't know where we're up to on Henley (or Winchester) selections. Though Boris' dad might be willing to change sides for the former in his disappointment. Which would be fun wouldn't it?

Not sure whether he is in Burke's tho'. Important these days.

Andrea will have whatever information there is. Labour Home?

Chris Paul said...

At the moment it is Richard "basher" Mackenzie. When a by-election is called Labour regional office will I think decide whether to leave him in the role or parachute in a by-election special.