Friday, May 02, 2008

Mcr Local Elections: Northenden to LD by Eight Votes

Well, it's there in the headline. Close enough to have been turned around by a few more nearby comrades sitting on healthy majorities weighing in just a little more. Mike Kane has been a great councillor and Exec Member. He will be back very soon I think. Meanwhile Martin "Lev" Atkins is a nutter with a seat on the Council. Ye gods.


Anonymous said...

BBC prediction: Labour 25%, Cons 43%

It's staring you in the face. Why aren't you reporting it.

lorenzo23 said...

Thanks for another excellent blogging results service Chris. Stayed up until you reported Sheila holding Chorlton against the Lib-Dem flood of leaflets. Received two on polling day, and even had Leechy stood on the pavement outside directing his workers. That Councillor who looks like Frank from Shameless now has a tango tan. Too long on the sunbeds and not enough time whingeing about the Post Office.

BBC Radio Manchester got its act together this year so you had some competition.

Anonymous said...

In Chorlton park we have had no Labour or Conservative leaflets etc.

The two "main parties" are being thinned out(or dying off) and the Lib Dems are crowding them out.

I would say a disasterous night for Labour, a good night for the tories and a comforting night for the libdems.

A very worrying night for Lucy and John Leech will wake up with a smile.

Manchester Labour has its work cut out if wants to unseat him

Cylist with a car

Chris Paul said...

Well anon 10:07, as someone who personally delivered many hundreds of leaflets to Chorlton Park residents including two different leaflets during the campaign I must say I am amazed at your claim that there were none. Rubbish.

As John Hacking says on his blog he will personally deliver leaflets to anyone who does not receive them through normal channels. If you would like to help local democracy and explain the locations that did not receive Labour leaflets I'll take it up with the authorities.

There was a pretty small Lib Dem campaign and if you look at the majority - though still a weigh in it must be said - it was well down on even Bethell's from last year. The ward now has three muppets for councillors. That is unsustainable.

I am amazed at your idea that last night was comforting for the clown Nick Clogg and the Lib Dems. How can you say that?

I'd have to agree that getting rid of Leech will not be easy however. Leech by name etc

Miserable Hoaxer John was gutted by the Chorlton result and actually left the room and abandoned his poor Frankenmiss and tried to take credit for Mad Max Eakins' confidence trick on the people of Northenden instead.

A ward outside his constituency and which he battled to stop his people assisting with.

PS What is a cylist?

Chris Paul said...

Anon 2:09 AM: Apart from the Hibz ut_Tahrir Tory alliance in Whalley Range - which I have reported and which actually drove an element of white flight from the Tories believe it or not - there was nothing to shout about in Mcr for the Tories.

There were few wards in which Tories bettered around 10% of the votes even with the national situation. And the same goes for Liverpool.

Paul said...

In many wards the Tory vote increased substantially eg Whalley Range , Cheetham, Ancoats, Moston, Harpurhey, Sharston, Brooklands, - even where they did nothing - evidence at last of a Tory bounce - something more that the Lim Dems esp Leechy boy should be worried about.

benchilltory said...

there are very few wards in whixh the tories bettered 10%- really! i presume we need to ignore the 10seats in which the tories exceeded 20%

benchilltory said...

reagding Northenden,I think that on election night you managed to get all the Labour vote out.despite massive leafleting, by the dreadful Eakins they really only managed to squeeze extra votes from the tories and especially the greens,(there ZANU line the tories cant win here, did not work for me i am glad to say).
Kane had the biggest personal vote of the 3 from Northenden. and things dont look bode well for the future for your lot,Cowell the invisible man and Pantygirdle are useless and will be soundly beaten, firstly by the nice but dim Mary di Mauro and then by whomever the lib dems pull out of the Lounge About bar to stand as a candidate.
you dont have the troops on the ground to work this area any more.
If only the tories were to start campaigning here again then the future for northenden, benchill and northen moor might not be so Orange

Lev said...

Benchilltory, although the Green vote dipped slightly, the Tory vote actually increased, and whilst we retained much of the support from former Tory voters, it's incorrect to say we squeezed them more.

And as for "nice but dim", Dr Di Mauro, you're quite right not to underestimate the person responsible for winning the first campaign she has managed. :)

Chris, I quite like the "Mad Max" tag! :) Politics aside, I was sad to see our friend Rev Salmon lose his seat, but obviously pleased it was a Lib-Dems, rather than a Tories that unseated him.

We can all enjoy an occasional poke and tease (even I found the Paul "Bastards" Ankers jibe quite funny), but I think you went over the top with John Grant. Your blog could earn some respect from our side if you weren't so vitriolic sometimes - why don't you give the personal insults a rest for now? Aside from that, some of your posts are genuinely funny and offer impressive analysis, just knock off the sharper edges and it'll be taken more seriously.